India - Nari Gunjan

Girls and Women Empowerment

Dr. Jung's work in India involved Nari Gunjan, a girls and women empowerment program focusing on education. She was responsible for the creation of a rights-based monitoring and evaluation framework to determine the developmental and human rights impact of the program.

South Korea

& Vietnam

International Aid Recipients

Among countries which received a sizable amount of development assistance, South Korea and Vietnam, are exemplary models that catalyze development and reduce poverty with a relatively modest increase in inequality. Dr. Jung shifts the story from “aid is wasted and does not work” to “aid works, and we now have simpler and constant principles to make it work even better.”

Oxfam America

Financial Analysis & Performance Measurement

Dr. Jung assessed Oxfam America from the perspective of its financial management and the performance measurement tools. This analysis suggests a way to conduct a financial and operational performance analysis for international development NGO.


Corporate Social Responsibility

UNICEF India has been actively seeking alliances with the business community that demonstrate a commitment to UNICEF’s core values.

Dr. Jung's analysis provides an example of what factors should be considered in identifying and developing partnerships between international organizations and private partnerships.