India - Nari Gunjan

Girls and Women Empowerment

Dr. Jung's work in India involved Nari Gunjan, a girls and women empowerment program focusing on education. She was responsible for the creation of a rights-based monitoring and evaluation framework to determine the developmental and human rights impact of the program.

Big Data &

Aid Targeting

In a world riddled with poverty, data scarcity hampers policy maker’s ability to deliver aid to those most in need and assess the intervention from the perspective of its distributive role. There is no reason why the aid industry, one in which human lives are at stake, fails to adopt the technologies applied in other fields.

Global Poverty

A good starting point for concerted action is to address the most dominant feature of poverty in each developing country, drawing insights from different ways of measuring poverty.


Development in

Fragile States

Community development improves the ability of the poor and marginalized to contribute to and benefit from development processes and results. It allows community groups to make decisions about development resources.