Dr. Woojin Jung

Woojin Jung

Assistant Professor; Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Core Faculty; Global Health Institute at Rutgers


Editorial Board Member of the Korean Association for Public Administration


Ph.D., UC Berkeley;

MSW, Washington University in St. Louis;

MPP, Harvard University

Dr. Jung’s research focuses on development aid policy as an instrument to alleviate global poverty. She applies data science techniques to examine the relationship between poverty and aid particularly in fragile states. Her research uses three lenses to evaluate the extent to which aid activity is suited to the needs of aid recipients:

  1. a nuanced poverty assessment at the global level;

  2. a case analysis of project design at the country level; and

  3. a granular evaluation at the community level.


She combines machine learning with new sources of data, such as satellite imagery, to highlight latent features relating to the distribution of aid. Her work has been advanced through the interdisciplinary social welfare/development engineering program at UC Berkeley and is supported by the National Science Foundation Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Water, and Energy Systems Fellowship. Her experience with multi-/bilateral development agencies (UNICEF NY, KOICA), research institutes (Harvard Malcolm Winner Center for Social Policy), and grassroots organizations (Nari Gunjan) in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa directly informs her research and teaching.

Dr. Jung is the recipient of the 2020 Society for Social Work and Research Outstanding Social Work Doctoral Dissertation Award for her dissertation “Combating Poverty through Aid: A Critical Analysis of Alternative Models.”