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SSWR Society for Social Work and Research
Berkeley Law University of California
Human RIghts Center
Blum Center for Developing Economies
Harvard Kennedy School
Chosun Ilbo
Yonhap News Agency
Rutgers University

Recipient of Rutgers Research Council:

Collaborative Multidisciplinary Award

Recipient of Rutgers Global Health Institute:

Global Health Seed Grants

Society for Social Work and Research

Recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Social Work Doctoral Dissertation Award 

Human Rights Center
UC Berkeley school of Law

2016 Human Rights Center Fellows 

Human Rights Center | Annual Report 2016/2017

Pursuing Justice through Science and Law

Human Rights Center Fellows Fan Out Worldwide 

Human Rights Center Fellows: Dispatch from the Field:

Working with Nari Gunjan (Women's Voice), India 

BluM Center for Developing Economies
Harvard Kennedy School

The Program in Criminal Justice: Policy and Management

Annual Report 2008

Chosun Ilbo

"Defeating Three Men..." Korea's Proud Daughter Woojin Jung

Yonhap News Agency

KOICA: Korean Development Model Study Published

Korea International Cooperation Agency

KOICA Holds Forum on Measures to Protect Human Rights and Strengthen Capabilities of Women in Conflict and Vulnerable Countries

Seoul Prepares for High-Level Meeting on Aid Effectiveness for Joint Research Progress Report

KOICA Holds Closing Ceremony for Laos Secondary School Textbook Supply Project

KOICA Announces Research Findings for the Korean Development Cooperation Model

Improving Lives Around the World: Focus on Faculty

Recipient of Microsoft Azure Grant:

AI for Humanitarian Action Project Initiatives

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