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Woojin Jung

 Researcher of Poverty & Development

Current research projects in the Republic of the Congo and Zambia involve partners from international organizations, government agencies, and the private sector. Dr. Jung leads an interdisciplinary research team that represents social scientists and computer/data scientists from countries around the globe. Her work was recently featured in 'Focus on Faculty' on Rutgers University's Office of Research website and social media outlets:                .

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Dr. Woojin Jung

Global Poverty & Aid

Dr. Jung’s research focuses on development aid policy as an instrument to alleviate global poverty. She applies data science techniques to examine the relationship between poverty and aid, particularly in fragile states.

Recent Honors

recipient of
Microsoft's Azure Grant
AI for Humanitarian Action Project Initiatives

Microsoft logo.png

The grant will support Dr. Jung’s latest project: "Exploring scalable multimodal approaches to identify vulnerable populations in the Congo."

recipient of
Rutgers Research Council
Collaborative Multidisciplinary Award

Research .png

The grant will support Dr. Jung’s latest project: "Developing AI-informed vulnerability index to target Food Security Pack(FSP) program in Zambia"

recipient of
Rutgers Global Health Institute
Global Health Seed Grants

The grant will support Dr. Jung’s latest project: "Exploring scalable multimodal approaches to identify vulnerable populations in the Congo."

Global Health Institute.png

recipient of the 2020

Society for Social Work and Research
Outstanding Social Work Doctoral Dissertation Award


“Combating Poverty through Aid:
A Critical Analysis of Alternative Models.” 


Recent Avtivities

Memorandum of Understanding

 the Institut Geographique National
(IGN, National Geographic Institute)
in the Republic of the Congo

Rutgers University (February 2022)

Congo’s government agency will provide geospatial data on the city of Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, including administrative boundaries, road networks, and waterways.


This is one of few data-sharing agreements between Rutgers University with an African government. 

IGN logo.png

Invited Presenter at the

 Korea Association of
International Development & Cooperation (KAIDEC)
& Seoul National University Asia Center

Seoul, Korea (July 2020)


"Combining Satellite Imagery with Deep Learning to Predict Poverty in Data-Sparse Contexts"

SNU Colloquium.jpg

Invited Presenter at the

 Institute of Governmental Studies
Department of Public Administration
Korea University

Seoul, Korea (January 2020)

Korea University Colloquium

"Using Machine Learning to Evaluate Aid Distribution"

Recent Publications

New Journal Article Published in: 
Social Indicators Research (2022) 

"The Discrepancy Between Two Approaches to Global Poverty: What Does it Reveal?"

logo - Social Indicators Research.jpeg

New Book Review Published in: 
Pacific Affairs (2021) 

"Becoming One: Religion, development, and environmentalism in a Japanese NGO in Myanmar. By Chika Watanabe"

Pacific Affairs Cover.png
Journal - World Development.gif

New Journal Article Published in: 
World Development (2020) 

"Two Models of Community-Centered Development in Myanmar"

New Journal Article Published in: 
Journal of Governmental Studies (2020) 

"Using Data Science to Strengthen the Social Safety Net: Prediction Risk for Medicare and Medicaid Insurers"

Journal - Journal of Governmental Studie

Research  Areas






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