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Recipient of the 2020

Society for Social Work and Research Outstanding Social Work Doctoral Dissertation Award:


“Combating Poverty through Aid:

A Critical Analysis of Alternative Models.” 

Dr. Woojin Jung, Recipient of the 2020 Society for Social Work and Research Outstanding Social Work Doctoral Dissertation Award
Preschool children in India

... it is necessary to come up with strategies that ensure long-term development partnerships leading to increases in the size, duration, and predictability of assistance. One strategy is to promote mutual benefits between donors and recipients...

Woojin Jung

Highest Honors in

Graduate Research Award (2016)

Korea Association of International Development Cooperation 

Public Policy and Social Work
Nigeria Field Work

National Winner of the Influencing

State Policy Contest (2004)

Council on Social Work Education 

Honorary Award and Scholarship

for Community Services (1997)


Ewha Womans University 

Girls Education in India
Harvard Kennedy School MPP Class Representative (2006)

Vice President of Academic Affairs

& Co-Chair of Academic Affairs

Committee (2006)


Masters in Public Policy 

Class Representative (2006)

Harvard University 

[Through] Grounding development policy in more contextualized knowledge, social work and the development community can better serve the “bottom billion.”

Woojin Jung

International Internship in India


  • Global poverty and international aid policy

  • Artificial intelligence and spatial analysis for international development

  • Data-intensive project design, outcome prediction, and impact evaluation

  • Community development policy and practice

  • Social welfare policy, focusing on income transfer, employment, and immigration

Grants & Fellowships

  • ​National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Water, and Energy Systems Program (InFEWS) Fellowship, 2017-2019 

  • Impact Evaluation Fund (The lead author of a $1 million impact evaluation proposal), Korea International Cooperation Agency, 2013

  • NSF Research Traineeship Program (NRT) Grant, 2018

  • Berkeley Connect Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley, 2017-2018

  • Human Rights Center Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley School of Law, 2016

  • Doctoral Completion Fellowship Award, Spring, 2017 & Fall, 2018

  • Graduate Division Summer Grant, U.C. Berkeley Graduate Division, 2018, 2016 & 2014

  • Social Welfare Block Grant Award, U.C. Berkeley, 2014-2015

  • Development Studies Association Travel Funding, 2017

  • Roy Family Scholarship, Harvard Kennedy School, 2006

  • Daniel Sandra Scholarship, Washington University in St. Louis, 2002

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