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"[Global citizenship] The Authority, Capacity, and Legitimacy of the State" for EToday (이투데이)

A new op-ed was published in the Korean newspaper, EToday, regarding a third-party compensation plan for forced labor during the Japanese occupation.

Here's an excerpt from the op-ed that's been translated from Korean to English:

"As seen in this process, national security and economic growth have been equated with ‘national interests’ in Korea. Therefore, there is a part in which members of society with various interests have sacrificed the procedural justification for social integration by participating in deriving solutions and drawing social consensus. This presented great challenges to future generations in terms of realizing social justice and national unity. The Korea-Japan Claims Settlement Agreement also approached with the logic that capital is needed for economic development rather than establishing justice from the perspective of victims whose human rights were violated and suffered under Japan's illegal colonial rule. The foreign capital that came in this way returned to conglomerates as preferential treatment through collusion between politics and business, and efforts to compensate direct victims such as forced labor and comfort women were insufficient."


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